Sunday, January 20, 2013

Update to Windows 8 Deadline

the following is an email sent out to all members on January 20:

Windows 8 Pro upgrade pricing will jump from $40 to $200 on Feb. 1
Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is about to become a lot more expensive. An upgrade of Windows 8 Pro will go from costing $40 in a promotional offer to a much more expensive $200 at the beginning of February.

While the price of Pro jumps up considerably, Microsoft will offer an upgrade to a more basic version of Windows 8 for $120. That’s still quite a bit more money than the $40 offer — and you get less features.

So should you upgrade?  
Here is an excellent article on making that decision:
In that article David Gewirtz of Zdnetcom  gives some basic reasons on why you should upgrade now or should you  wait.  He considers which operating system you are currently using and gives you good suggestions on how to decide.

I found it particularly useful to read what he said about Windows XP:

I'll put this quite simply: if you're running an XP machine and you're reading email or browsing the Web, you need to upgrade immediately. XP is enormously vulnerable to exploits, you can't run Internet Explorer later than IE8, and your PC is a calamity waiting to happen.
So you should upgrade to either Windows 7 or Windows 8. Period. Now, as it happens, it's probably actually a better choice to upgrade to Windows 8. First, again, you can get the Windows 8 Pro upgrade for only $39.99 and any Windows 7 upgrade will cost you more.

The upgrade link is at:  

Remember if you buy it now, you don’t have to install it till later if you prefer to wait.

Reminder if you have a new computer purchased between June 2 and January 31, that had windows 7 PC you are eligible  to upgrade to Windows 8 for $15, you need to register before the end of the month.
(Read more at the  link above._) 

Also useful might be this free ebook from Microsoft that you can download called  Introducing Windows 8: An Overview for IT Professionals

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