Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to get Windows 8

You'll find the $39.99 offer for Windows 8 at:

I've you're buying a new computer you can get Windows 8 for even less. Here are the details:

Information shared by 7-10-12 meeting presenter, Bob Gostischa

AVAST - Online Security Presentation

To learn more about avast! Antivirus, simply go to:
To download any of Avast's Software, simply go to:

To take advantage of the special 40% discount on the paid versions that I offered during the presentation, simply go to:   http://Coupon_Security_Buy_Links-Bob.html

If you where lucky enough to win the Avast Rescue CD,  you can download instructions for it's use from:    If you didn't win, and are interested in the product, it can also be downloaded from there.

Instructions to successfully install avast! 7:
01. Download  to a folder you can find or to your Desktop the product avast!7 Free:
       setup_av_free.exe  (Do Not Run at this time)

02. Download the REMOVAL TOOL for your current Anti Virus Program by following the Guide offered here:
       How do I remove old third-party antivirus software before installing avast!?
       Click on this link, find your current Antivirus Program and follow their instructions.     
 The removal tool for avast! Antivirus (should you ever need it) :

03. Once these 2 programs are saved to your computer in a folder that you can locate or,
       to the desktop and, you can easily identify these 2 files, DISCONNECT FROM THE INTERNET
04. Go to the Control Panel > Select add/remove >  (Programs and Features in Windows 7)
       select your current antivirus program and select uninstall. (Allow it to uninstall all features of the program)

05. Reboot your system.

06. Run the removal tool for your old Anti Virus Program saved in step #2

07. When the tool finishes running, again Reboot your system and Reconnect your Internet connection.

08. Install avast!7 Free by running the program downloaded in step #1

09. Shut down your system -- wait 10 seconds -- Start your computer.

10. Avast!6 Free will now be installed and will update it's virus database.

11. Register your new avast!7 Free product by selecting the Register Now button.
       If you need more help, get it from here:

12. Once this is done, you'll be ready to enjoy the new product as much as I already have for many years.

The links to the other 4 programs I mentioned at the end of the presentation can be found at:
     Malware Bytes Anti Malware (MBAM) :
     Ccleaner :
     WinPatrol :

Click here to access this document online.
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available totally free of charge and without any strings attached.

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Have a great day,
Bob  Norbert (Bob) Gostischa