Friday, August 24, 2007

Fun - Useful - Interesting Websites

A remember that you can get the list of websites we looked at at the August 14 meeting here

If you find any of the links not working let me know OR if you would like to add a favorite website - let me know

I just added an interesting collection of websites to our webpage:

Top 100 Classic Web Sites from PC Magazine,1895,2168282,00.asp

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another Free "office" Suite

Wired's Blog, Compiler is one of many websites announcing that Google has begun to distribute the free software package, StarOffice. Evidently, this is meant to compete with Microsoft. This article reports that the main difference between StarOffice and OpenOffice is that the former includes proprietary clip art graphics, fonts, and templates as well as some additional Microsoft Office conversion tools.

StarOffice supports most Microsoft Office formats, though not the new OOXML formats included in Office 2007.

You can read more here...