Monday, December 08, 2008

Wurlitzer Organs in NE Ohio

The Plain Dealer had a story on Wurlitzer organs on December 4.

It seemed very relevant after our meeting on November 25 with David Kennett.

There was also a sidebar that mentioned these local Wurlitzers:

Where they are....

During the silent-film era, movie houses were equipped with theater pipe organs - giant pneumatic contraptions that accompanied the action. They were usually Wurlitzers. Here are public places where the organs can be seen and heard:

Akron Civic Auditorium, Wurlitzer
Canton Palace Theatre, Kilgen
Grays Armory in Cleveland, Wurlitzer
Lorain Palace Theatre, Wurlitzer
Masonic Auditorium in Cleveland, Wurlitzer
Palace Theatre in Cleveland, Kimball

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